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Affordable HR Solutions Now Available

HR Challenges and Solutions for Small & Medium Size Business

Is your business into 21st century solutions? It's hard enough getting your products and services out the door, much less having to worry about employment standards, WSIB, Human Rights or any other potential legal issues associated with Human Resources. Avoid the Risks. The Benefit Guys can help.

• Human Resource Assistance and legal help with HR matters available 7 x 24.

• Have a Certified Human Resource Resources Professional (CHRP), available now.

• Unlimited use. • Downloadable templates for employment contracts, exit interviews, job interview questions NOT to ask, company policy and a whole lot more.

• Affordable monthly budgeting. Reduce your operating costs while reducing your liability exposures. Call us for a quote.

Does your company have a 21st century benefits strategy?

• Defined Contributions to control current and future costs.

• Employee Assistance Programs, (EAP), to support employees with personal and family, social, and legal needs. And it's very affordable.

• Critical Illness, Insured LTD plans and life insurance.

• Employees pick the benefits suitable to their family needs.

The Benefit Guys offer affordable, meaningful options. Whether you already have a benefits plan or are considering implementing your first one, give John or Jordan a call for a personal, confidential discussion. We have access to the best plans and the best advice available today. We filter all the details and present an easy to understand solution to you. We're good listeners.

"No matter how many employees you have - it's perfect. And it starts with one!"

Our Best Practices Annual Review is available for download. You need to reduce your benefits' liability exposure. The content in this document will help you.

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