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Benefits for Businesses

As a business owner or manager, there are a number of reasons you should consider benefits for your company. When The Benefit Guys say benefits, we don’t just mean Health and Dental for the employees. Since we specialize in insurance products, there are a wide number of areas that you need to look at. What if something happens to me, my ability to continue to earn a living, to my partner, to the key person that takes care of everything when I am not around? The good news is that as an Authorised Affiliate Advisor with The Benefit Guys, I have access to the solutions to these problems.

Critical Illness Insurance

Insurance is just another term for money paid out in the event of a specific situation. In this case, Critical Illness insurance would be paid to the policy holder in the event of a critical illness. What does that have to do with you? Maybe you are a sole proprietor, or a small company with a few key people that are integral to the day to day operation of the company. What if something happened to yourself, your key people? Would the company continue to function for 1 month, 6 months, or even a year of absence from these people? Where would you come up with the funds to pay the salary of someone you had to bring in to take care of the day to day operation in the absence of a key person? Critical Illness Insurance is designed to pay a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a specified illness. Policies vary depending on the nature of covered illnesses. However, such things as Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks, are just a few examples where a policy would pay a benefit. There are others too; some policies cover up to 20 or more different types of illnesses. As an Authorised Affiliate Advisor with The Benefit Guys, I can look into this further for you.

Disability Insurance

Unlike Critical Illness insurance, which pays a lump sum, Disability Insurance is designed to pay you an ongoing monthly income in the event of an injury or illness. How long this money is paid, depends on the injury or illness, and the length of benefit period that was purchased. Most plans have the option of a pay out until age 65, and some age 70. In some cases, injury coverage is guaranteed to issue, provided a couple of simple questions can be answered. For individual plans, illness coverage will require evidence of insurability. The amount of benefit purchased is dependent on your monthly income. In some cases, you can purchase a benefit equal to 75% of your monthly income. If you want to have coverage immediately for injury benefits, contact me right now and I can arrange to have it in place today with no medical questions and no financial statements required.

Group Benefits

In today’s marketplace, group benefits are more important than ever. It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and maintain good employees. Some employees put more value on their benefit package vs their salary. Benefit packages can be tailored to your company’s needs. All will have a prescription drug and dental element, along with small life insurance component. The amount of coverage and the percentage covered can be tailored to your company’s needs.
You may think your company is too small, or has poor claims experience, the good news is there are still programs available that will allow you to provide an excellent package for yourself and your employees. ASO accounts, or Health and Welfare trusts, are very flexible and offer as much and sometimes more coverage than a traditional group insurance plan. Even if you are a one person operation, things like a Health and Welfare trust, allow you to take money that you are already spending on Health and Dental, and make it a tax deductible expense to your company. Give me a call, as an Authorised Affiliate Advisor with The Benefit Guys, I can provide you with specific information as to how this applies to you.

Life Insurance

We all know that someday we will die. The problem is we don’t know when. In a business, Life Insurance is available to fund such things as Buy Sell Agreements between partners or shareholders, to cover a Key Person within the company, or cover any business lines of credit. Term insurance is the most affordable type of coverage for these things. If you are looking further down the road for something such as estate planning, The Benefit Guys have access to many markets and many products that can help you with your challenges.

Travel Insurance

If you travel for business purposes, you are probably aware of the importance of Travel Insurance. Are you insuring each trip, or do you have an annual plan? The Benefit Guys work with different Travel Insurance Companies and can help pick the plan that is right for you. Not everybody has to travel for business related purposes. If you have seasonal work, or have a slow time, perhaps you may want to get away for a week for some rest and relaxation in a warmer climate. The four most expensive words you can say while you are away is “I don’t feel well.” Inexpensive trip insurance can help give you peace of mind. You went away to take a break from some of your day to day worries. Medical bills won’t add to your worries with Travel Insurance. Click on our product page if you need to take care of this right now.