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Benefits for Individuals and Families

When you think of the word Benefits, what comes to mind for most people is what they think their job offers them in addition to their salary. You may be thinking, why do I need more Benefits? Or, maybe your job does not offer you benefits at all and you are wondering how you can put together a simple affordable package for yourself and your family. The good news is that The Benefit Guys can help you with any type of Benefit for almost any type of situation. There are 6 primary types of benefits that you should consider.

1) Life Insurance

Life Insurance is probably one of the greatest, and least expensive form of benefits you could purchase. If you are married, do you want to make sure loved ones are not burdened with any debts you may have after your death? Things like a Mortgage, Line of Credit, car loans, credit card bills? How about the funeral itself? No matter what your current health, as an Authorised Affiliated Advisor with The Benefit Guys, I can help you today.

2) Disability Insurance

What if you were in a serious accident and lived? What if your injuries were so serious, it affected your ability to earn a living? What would you do for the next 40 years for income? Did your investments survive the collapse of 2008? Do you think the government is going to maintain the lifestyle you were used to living? How much of that income would you like me to arrange for you?

3) Critical Illness Insurance

What if something happened to you that was serious enough to threaten your life, or worse, take your life? Critical illness coverage is designed to give you a lump sum payment to help deal with immediate cash needs? How much would you like?

4) Long Term Care Insurance

Have you ever gone to visit a relative, or friend in a Long Term or Assisted Care Facility? Ever wonder who pays for that or how much it costs? It can easily run several thousand dollars a month, depending on the facility or type of care you require. As the Baby Boomers approach the later stages in their lives, will they all be able to live at home with their children? Do you know what kind of commitment that requires? Are you aware of how much burden that could put on you and your family? Why not arrange some Long Term Care financing today?

5) Travel Insurance

With socialized medicine in Canada, most Canadians are not forced to think about health insurance. However, when travelling out of Province, especially to the U.S., Travel Insurance should be as important as packing your suitcase. Even if you think you may have coverage through work, or your credit card, you should definitely review it before leaving. You may not have the proper coverage i.e. the correct amount of coverage for the length of trip. Be certain to take care of this before you leave, because once you are gone, you cannot get coverage. An unforeseen injury or illness can be the most expensive item on any trip.

6) Health and Dental

When people think of benefits, the most common thing that comes to mind is Prescription Drugs & Dental Benefits. The obvious reason is that these are used the most often by most people. If you do not have a plan where you work, good news is that these can be purchased on a standalone basis from a few different companies. Whether it is for individuals, couples, or families, there are options for your situation. If you are self employed or work under contract, there is another option available to you. If you click on our Benefits for Businesses page, you will find more information there.