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"No matter how many employees you have - it’s perfect. And it starts with only one."


There are many innovative ways that benefits can be arranged today.  With the changing technologies now available, any size company can implement big company strategies.  This allows everyone to have affordable access to the best cost efficient and tax advantageous plans.  You can easily set up groups within your group.

We want to touch on a few high points which should matter.  This is not a one size fits all program.  Our other menu selections will give a brief overview of programs that are used today to compensate employees.

Whether you are a one person corporation or have 100 plus employees, some, or all of these programs will apply to you.  The Benefit Guys have access to the best benefit providers available.  They use the most up to date systems and employ the best plan administrators available today.  Our partnerships with these companies work in your favour.  The Benefits Trust is just one example of the partnership relationship.


onsider these points:  •	EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) were not available up until a few years ago. •	Wellness is a topic being discussed more often as companies understand the long term financial benefits. •	Health Spending Accounts can be used as a supplement to traditional group benefit plans, or as a standalone. •	Future liability cost exposure is a real probability with increasing specialty drugs and the aging population.  You can implement future cost saving strategies today, at no cost to you.  Have you reviewed the current stop loss practices? •	Integration with other programs like the Trillium Drug Plan (link) is a consideration whichshould not be overlooked.