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Business Insurance Solutions

So where does The Benefit Guys fit into Your Business?

That’s a difficult question to answer in one short page. We will try and touch on areas of concern, that other business people have had, and maybe you can picture yourself with similar concerns. Insurance is just another term for money. That is really the only thing you have to have clearly in your mind, before you can picture, where The Benefit Guys may be able to offer some solutions to challenges with your business.

It is not really any more complicated than that.

What business person do you know that couldn’t use a little or lot more money in any given situation. Insurance just stipulates how much money is going to be delivered and under which conditions.

A large number of Insurance Brokers and Insurance Companies like to “statistic” you to death on the “chances” of something happening to you. This is supposed to help you with your “decision” in purchasing a product. Well, from this point on in your life, there is only one statistic that matters. No matter what we are discussing, there is a 50/50 chance of it happening to you. Think about it: it either will happen or it won’t happen. The only thing you have to ask yourself is, are you comfortable with your current affairs?

Life insurance fits in to provide liquidity, (you know, cash), to a family or a business in the event of a death. Whether that is a Key Person in the business, a Partner, Shareholder, a line of credit, whatever. There will always be a need for cash to pay bills, buy time, pay taxes, allow an orderly transition of affairs, etc. Today, you can fund buy/sell agreements, cover debts, and plan for capital gains taxes with discounted dollars.

Disability insurance will provide income (cash flow), in the event of a short or long term disability. You can also cover your fixed overhead expenses in the event of a disability.

Critical Illness coverage will pay a fixed amount of cash in the event that a person has a critical illness diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure etc. Any serious diagnosis of this type usually will require time missed away from your business. Get a lump sum settlement to help in those times.

A product so simple as Travel Insurance should never be overlooked. For very few dollars, why would you risk travelling without coverage? As a business person you have so much to risk. If you ended up in a US hospital with a serious medical problem and no insurance, you could lose everything. If you click on Travel Insurance, we can take care of this for you right now.

We could go on and on. Take a look at our Group Insurance section. If, after looking around your selected areas on the site and you can’t find what you need, by all means contact The Benefit Guys. Tell us what you need on the attached inquiry form. The Benefit Guys will be back in touch with you with your chosen form of contact.