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Fixed Cost / Flexible Benefits


In the old days, about 4 or 5 years ago, if a business wanted to put in a benefit package, the insurance companies dictated the criteria that would be accepted. For the most part, they didn’t want to deal with start up companies, didn’t like closely held family corporations, weren’t too fussy on non profits, only would supply to companies with more than five employees, lots of different reasons. The insurance companies established the benefits which would be available and the costs changed annually, usually up, based on many variables.

Things have changed thanks to entrepreneurship, the development of new products and the major improvements in technology. Any business today, from a one person start up and on, can develop and implement big company strategies which have been proven for years.

Today, the employer has full control of the type of benefit plan that is implemented. Consultation, implementation, administration and service are all seamless.

The Benefit Guys help businesses to establish an appropriate budget and suggest where that money be allocated based on needs. You have full control, including costs. If you have a start up company and want to budget $20.00 a month per employee for benefits, you can do it. If you are a well established company with a benefit plan, and want to fix your future costs at the current costs, we can help you with that, too. We do all the leg work and you just have to make the decisions.

It is good planning for a company to look ahead at fixing costs of any kind. The great thing about your controlling the costs with your benefits program, is that you also have the control to change those costs in the future.

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