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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens when I submit a client data form?
  2. Why do you need my phone number?
  3. What happens if I buy a product on line?
  4. What will you do with my name, phone number and email address?
  5. How long will it take for The Benefit Guys’ representative to get back to me?
  6. Will I need to provide medical information?
  7. Will I need to provide financial information?
  8. What if I have some health challenges?
  9. Are all of The Benefit Guys licensed and qualified to help me?
  10. Why don’t The Benefit Guys provide online quoting for all of their product lines?

1) What happens when I submit a client data form?

When you complete the Client Data form and hit the submit button, the information, is downloaded to The Benefit Guys, at Head Office. After establishing where you live, a licensed Authorised Benefit Guy will be in touch with you by your chosen method of contact, answer your questions, and try to assist you in any way possible. Whether you want a quote on a particular product, or some advice on what you should be doing, The Benefit Guys will assist you.

If you decide to apply for and purchase a product, The Benefit Guys’ representative will complete the appropriate questionnaires/applications, over the phone. After completing the paperwork on the phone, everything will be sent to you by mail for signatures and a deposit cheque. When the paperwork is returned to The Benefit Guys’ representative, the applications, cheques, etc are forwarded to the company that will issue your insurance. The processing at the insurance company will take anywhere from one to three weeks. Unless you buy a Guaranteed Issue product, you are not considered to be covered until a policy is issued and the first premium paid. When a policy is issued for you, The Benefit Guys will contact you, advise you of the status of your policy and forward it to you by mail or courier. You of course can contact your local Benefit Guy if you have any questions, at any time.
If you only have a single need inquiry and wish your information destroyed, after your initial inquiry, please advise The Benefit Guys. You will find more information in our Privacy statement.

2) Why do you need my phone number?

It’s just good business. We give you our phone number, and we even pay for the call. When you submit your Client Data, The Benefit Guys will honour your preferred choice of contact methods. If we don’t have enough information to answer your questions, it’s just more efficient to give you a quick call, get the missing info, answer anymore questions and help you. Neither you, nor The Benefit Guys are interested in playing email tag. The Benefit Guys do not have a call center and will not harass you with unnecessary phone calls. We hope you now feel the same way.

3) What happens if I buy a product on line?

It depends whether you speak to a live operator or complete an application form on line. If you speak to a live operator and apply for a Guaranteed to Issue product, such as Travel Insurance, the on line representative will ask you the necessary questions to get the required coverage, tell you the terms of your coverage, and then require a credit card payment of some nature. The paperwork will follow by email and/or snail mail.
If it is not a product that is guaranteed issue, but requires some additional information for underwriting, the live operator will explain what is needed and proceed with the appropriate discussion.

If you elect to take advantage of any “complete yourself” applications, you will find them easy, friendly, self explanatory and often times an 800 number, to help you if you get stuck.

4) What will you do with my name, phone number and email address?

Initially your name, phone number and address will come to The Benefit Guys as data. That information will be put into a “follow up in order of received” file. Once you are contacted, normal “customer” follow ups will be made on any insurance products you have applied for, or in process. If no transaction of any type takes place, your information will be stored for the sole purposes of cross referencing in the future.
If you request not to be contacted in the future or you wish to have your information removed from The Benefit Guys database, you can review the procedure to follow in our Privacy statement. We do not sell, share, or trade information in our database.

5) How long will it take for The Benefit Guys’ representative to get back to me?

Our goal is to have made contact with you by your preferred method of contact, within 24 hours of your inquiry. Often times sooner. Realising the internet is open 7x24, we cannot predict when your inquiry may come in to our office.

6) Will I need to provide medical information?

That will depend on the product that you are applying for. Medical requirements vary from company to company and product to product. The medical requirements are also based on your age, and the amount of coverage you want to apply for. The Benefit Guys’ specialist, will be able to tell you the medical information that will be required once you decide on exactly which type of insurance you want to apply for.

7) Will I need to provide financial information?

The only type of insurance that usually requires some financial information is Disability Insurance insurance of one type or another. Since you are insuring a potential loss of an income, or fixed business overhead expenses, you will be asked to confirm your income and fixed expenses at one time or another. Your Benefit Guys’ specialist will let you know if anything is required.

8) What if I have some health challenges?

The Benefit Guys have some insurance products available that do not require any medical information. There are Guaranteed to Issue products in the areas of Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Critical Illness, and Income Replacement products. Some medical conditions will disallow you from getting any kind of insurance, except the Guaranteed to Issue products.
If you have some health challenges that are under control, ie: blood pressure, diabetes, etc., many insurance companies will review your situation. Many companies will come back with an offer for you to consider, and some companies will even consider you a standard risk. Only by discussing your personal situation with one of The Benefit Guys’ specialists, will you be able to get an accurate answer to find out where your situation fits.

9) Are all of The Benefit Guys licensed and qualified to help me?

All of The Benefit Guys that give insurance advice and recommendations are licensed in the jurisdiction where they are working. The licensing is administered by the appropriate government agency in each province. Each province also requires all licensed representatives to carry errors and omissions insurance.

All of The Benefit Guys are qualified to answer most insurance questions and assist in most situations. The Benefit Guys do have lots of “specialists” in their affiliated advisor network that can be called upon, for advice in more complicated cases. As well, most of the insurance companies that The Benefit Guys work with, have on staff, highly trained and experienced specialists, from which current, expert advice, can be obtained on your behalf. Situations like this would involve further research for your needs. Situations such as strategic tax planning, using insurance products, business cases involving stock purchase agreements, key man funding, that kind of thing.

10) Why don’t The Benefit Guys provide online quoting for all of their product lines?

Basically, we don’t want to disappoint you. A lot of these “online” quoting systems will be set to give you the most favourable price possible, with only the “bare bones” coverage. When you get into an actual discussion, the add-ons start.

At The Benefit Guys, we offer fair products at fair prices, with good service attached. Many of the insurers we use have been doing business for over 100 years. That is a solid record of performance. If you think you only want the “cheapest” coverage and you want to price compare for yourself, go ahead.

The Benefit Guys will never guarantee you the lowest rates in all situations. No one can. Think about it. The insurance companies want to remain competitive in order to get your business. Because a lot of their products are distributed thru “Independent Brokers”, who can deal with many different companies, the insurance companies are compelled to stay competitively priced, or they would lose their business over time. No company can be the most competitive in all areas. No company can be the cheapest all the time or they won’t stay in business. Businesses of all kinds, that deal with the public, usually price their products in such a way, that 1/3 are less expensive than the competition, 1/3 are similarly priced with the competition, and 1/3 are more expensive than the competition. They are always trying to get the “more expensive” product line down in cost, so they can sell more.

The Benefit Guys will offer products and pricing to you that are properly positioned in the market place. We deal with a number of major insurance companies and continually monitor the features and benefits, as well as the pricing of products that we offer to our customers.