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Getting Value for That 20% Discount

Have you been told lately you can

Save 10%-40% on your Benefits Package?

Cost is not always the price you pay for something. The benefits market has been going through some strange, unjustified pricing, particularly over the past year. Initially, an offer to you which will save 10%-40% on a benefits package is enticing. The Benefit Guys can make that same promise, but we make sure you get the value in your benefits package for which you are looking. Price is one component. Sustainability is another. Good claims service and reserves are others. What matters to you is most important, so that is what matters to us. Make sure you are taking a "big company" approach to this issue.

Not sure if you are getting the right value for your money? Give us a call. As Independent Brokers, we give independent advice.

Travel Insurance Horror Story Surfaces Again ; Unpaid claim of $950,000 may bankrupt family who had travel coverage. Short CTV story / video here.

No two insurance companies have the same wordings in their contracts. If you have travel insurance in your benefits package, as an administrator or as an employee, make sure you have a clear, simple explanation of your travel insurance coverage in writing. Can't get it or you just want some independent advice on this one, then give John or Jordan a call at 519-622-3347 to arrange a confidential meeting.

The Benefit Guys offer affordable, meaningful options. Whether you already have a benefits plan or are considering implementing your first one, call either John or Jordan for a personal, confidential discussion. We have access to the best plans and the best advice available today. We filter it and make it available to you. We're good listeners.

"No matter how many employees you have - it's perfect. And it starts with one!"

Our Best Practices Annual Review is available for download. You need to reduce your benefits liability exposure. The content in this document will help you. Click on any of the links on the top menu bar for further, more detailed information.