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Health Spending Accounts, Health and Welfare Trusts


Health Spending Accounts and Health and Welfare Trusts are identical in purpose and results when set up and used properly. This discussion will not go in to detail. The main differences are the methods used for administration. Third Party Administrators, (TPA), are required under the Income Tax Act.

The role of The Benefit Guys is to know which TPA to use, to suit your particular situation. As a business person you realize that every company has fees and charges. TPA’s have different areas they specialize in and structure their fees accordingly.

Your company has needs for occasional transactions with a few employees, or you are expensing a special needs medical expense through your company. A per transaction fee structure, vs a percentage fee structure, can make a big difference to a plan. The Benefit Guys do the leg work for you and match your challenge to the appropriate solution.

One of our partners lists some qualifying expenses here.

One of our HSA partners shows a short example of how they work here.

We place many of our HWT clients with Hub Financial. They have a great, flexible product that works and is easy to understand. You can get all the details on Flex Save here.


 Wondering if one would be right for your company?  •	The types of companies that use HWT and HSA include Professional Corporations, Service Corporations, Manufacturing Corporations, Retail Corporations, etc, •	Any Corporation can take advantage of the tax effective use of these programs.


♦  Answer a brief questionnaire here on line or print it out for later reference.  This survey is designed to guide you as to where your company may fit into a program like this. It’s worth looking into.