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I am a Contract Worker

So you find yourself working with a contract and you wonder what you can and should do for a personal benefit package and perhaps include your family. You may find yourself in a contract position and are actually doing the work you used to do as an employee. You may have picked up some tax advantages, but now, being self employed, you are responsible for everything. You may be a professional contract worker, and that’s all you have ever done.

Contract workers can be found in all environments, health care, teaching, custodial, office, IT, etc., you probably know lots of people who work that way. It is a growing business arrangement. The Benefit Guys highly recommend you have your legal representatives review your “employment contract”, so you do not find yourself in an embarrassing and costly situation in the future, if you are audited by any number of government agencies. There is a significant difference between a contract of services, and a contract for services. You need to understand the differences.

Having said that, here are the items we believe you should take a serious look at:

  1. Make sure the Insurance Broker you use for your home/auto/business understands your business status and you are covered for any liabilities etc. The Benefit Guys do not give advice in these areas at this time.
  2. Review your life insurance coverage, to be prepared for any unforeseen situation; premature death, disability or accidental death. You may have a large line of credit, a mortgage, start up debt, any number of reasons for the need of liquidity. If you are watching your cash flow, you can get a pile of term insurance for a very low cost. Maybe you have been doing this for a long time and you want to do some longer term planning for final expenses.
  3. Review your disability coverage. Ask yourself a simple question,” when I get home today, if I trip over the kids’ bikes and break my leg badly, will I have enough money every month, to pay for the mortgage, the groceries, the telephone, the cable TV, and my car expenses?”, maybe for a few months or maybe longer? The Benefit Guys can take care of that for you today. Go to our Disability Insurance page for more information on this subject.
  4. Travel Insurance review. Your new contract position may require you to go out of your home province from time to time. Heck you might just want to grab a quick last minute trip from the internet and go south tomorrow. Don’t make the mistake of going without proper travel insurance. Remember, once you are gone from your province, you cannot apply for coverage, you must have it in place before you leave. The risk that you put yourself and your family in, by travelling without travel insurance, is too high. If you click on Out of Province Insurance, The Benefit Guys will give you an telephone number where you can purchase travel insurance on line or from a live operator.
  5. Prescription Drugs, Dental, and Medical benefit review. You may not realize that The Benefit Guys can arrange an individual plan for you and your family to cover all of these items. When you click here, you will be given more information on this subject. It may be to your benefit to set up a Health and Welfare trust.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, once you wander around the site, by all means complete the Client Data Questionnaire and let us know how we can help you. The Benefit Guys will get back to you quickly by your preferred method of contact.