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I am a Subcontractor

Sub contractors have been around for a long time. People mostly think of sub contractors that are used in the construction industry. There is a General Contractor that gets the big job to complete. The General Contractor may require concrete specialists, framing specialists, roofing specialists, bricklayers, etc.. These are often referred to as the sub trades, or sub contractors.

Sub Contractors can often do work for one principal and in many cases they do work for many principals in the course of a business year. They are not just found in construction, we are just using that as an easy to understand example.

The sub contractor should have a good accountant and lawyer, to make sure that they are in no tax or labour violations in their appropriate jurisdiction.

Sub Contractors should not be receiving or participating in any benefit packages with the principals for whom they are doing work. If a sub contractor were participating in any benefit package with a principal, they could find themselves under a review process by any number of jurisdictional agencies. Check with your accountant if you are considering that option.

Sub contractors should review the same questions that contract workers are asking themselves. If you go to the I am a Contract Worker page, you will get the information you require. 

Sub contractors are often small businesses that have less than 10 employees. If you look on our Small Business page, you will find some more information that may in fact help you further with your business plan.

Check around the site, there are probably other areas of interest to you. If you can’t find what you are looking for, by all means complete the Client Data Questionaire and let The Benefit Guys get back to you by your preferred method of contact, with the answers you are looking for.