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The Ontario Trillium Drug Program is For Everyone

This program is for everyone regardless of income. It is difficult to cover all the details in a brief newsletter. There is no cost to enroll. The benefit pays for a large number of drugs and your income will establish what your annual family deductible will be. It changes from year to year.

Families with the lowest incomes benefit the most. I can personally tell you that my recent battle with cancer was assisted by the fact I had a Trillium number. My specialist had to apply to the Plan for some new drugs which needed special approval for my therapy. The fact I had a Trillium number had me approved within 24 hours. Whether you have part time employees with no benefits, or you have benefits and are making $100k+ a year, don't overlook it.

More detailed information can be found here.

Employ Big Company Strategies with Your Benefit Plan

• Take the time to develop a long term plan of action before shopping your plan.
• Make it your goal to get carriers to treat you like a big company
• Don't overlook the inclusion of an EAP (employee assistance plan) with your benefit package.
• Use the right professionals, like The Benefit Guys, to help you with a long term strategy that will continually save you 10%-25% of your benefits costs.
Get started by scheduling our free 60 minute Starter Session right now. The great thing about this is you do not have to change Brokers to get started. During this session we will review your current situation, clarify your goals and start developing your Big Company Strategy. Contact us by email or phone.

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